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What is The Roadmap to Increase Your Income?

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Earning a handsome salary is what we all wish to do. Everyone looks for ways to increase their income. You might have read about the top 5 ways or 7 ways to increase your income but yet, but getting to increase your income might seem challenging. 

Often it is said that a new job gets you a good hike, somehow, it does. But when you can get a great income, then why go for a good one? 

Jim Collins once quoted that, “Good is the enemy of great”. Why limit yourself to being good when you can be great?  

The key to building high-income skills that earn money in any economy is to leverage your personality and build your skill set. When it comes to performing tasks well, a skill set is a combination of abilities, qualities, and experiences. Soft skills and technical skills can both be included! Could this be improved? YES!   

Before we move on if you could choose between being a fox or a hedgehog, which would you choose? 

Certainly, many people would enjoy being foxes. It’s no secret that foxes are beautiful, sleek, and cunning (not in a bad way, either). Unlike hedgehogs, which are small, prickly animals found in a few countries, hedgehogs move slowly and quietly.  

Is your success related to foxes and hedgehogs? In short, everything! It’s all about learning the art of simplicity, like a hedgehog, and creating a clear focus for yourself to outshine your organization. 


What Is the Hedgehog Concept?

There is a Greek parable that states, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

Interesting quote, isn’t it? 

A fox pursues multiple ends simultaneously and sees the world in all its complexity, whereas a hedgehog simplifies a complex world into a single organization.

As the fox attempts to catch the hedgehog in the parable, he uses many strategies. Sneaking, pounces, racing, and playing dead are all things it does. The hedgehog knows 

one big thing that the fox never learns: is how to defend itself. 

Get yourself a paper and answer these 3 questions

1. Understand what you are genuinely passionate about.

2. Identify what you do better than anyone else.

3. Determine what will help you earn! 

This will help you determine your interest, and how with your interest you can make an income plan. 

Let’s discuss this further!

1. Understand what you are genuinely passionate about!

The key to happiness is knowing what you genuinely care about. Happiness is often linked to life passion and fulfilling a purpose.

It doesn’t matter what sounds good or what others want, we should do what we are passionate about. Our passion is what motivates us to wake up in the morning; it is what propels us forward.

Often, finding our passion is just a matter of listening to our inner voice. 

A good starting point is to surround yourself with people who share your interests and passions. High-income earners are driven by passion in every decision they make. Living according to your passions means living life instead of working for a living. Since your work is part of your life strategy, you can find meaning in it.

2. Identify what you do better than anyone else

In the eyes of most people, practicing perfection seems like a foolish endeavor. Then again, who can blame them? There is no point in trying to achieve “perfection” when it is impossible. It turns out, although perfection isn’t possible, an interesting thing happens when you endeavor to achieve it. 

Active intent is the result of striving for perfection. In addition, actions that follow active intent are capable of producing results that resemble perfection to those on the sidelines. Since high earners don’t settle for less than perfection, they strive for results that are as close to what they envision as possible. 

3. Determine what will help you earn- 

Every successful outcome begins with financial planning. To generate more income, high earners plan on how to leverage their current resources. It is when you think ahead and stay ahead that you will set yourself apart from the rest. 

There is a limit to how far you can go with “hard skills” such as technical expertise in work and life. Hard skills can help you make confident business decisions, but they can’t nourish the people who are the heart of your career. Investing in the soft skills necessary for collaboration increases your earnings.

Increasing your income is possible with the skills and resources you have. From reaching out to your network to becoming an entrepreneur, there are numerous pathways to advancement. Taking the time to explore the possibilities can open doors you didn’t even realize existed.

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