Retirement Planning

What is Retirement Planning?

The process of planning for retirement involves preparing financially for a comfortable and secure retirement. It involves setting clear goals, assessing current finances, estimating future expenses, and developing retirement savings and investment strategies. You can calculate how much money they will need for the best retirement plans based on factors such as inflation, healthcare costs, and their desired lifestyle. In order to achieve long-term financial stability, it is important to create a savings plan, maximize contributions to retirement accounts, and diversify investments. The key to enjoying retirement with financial peace of mind is to review and adjust the plan regularly, as well as consider potential income sources during retirement.

Benefits of Planning for Your Retirement

Financial Security: Retirement planning ensures financial security during your post-working years. It helps in accumulating sufficient funds to cover living expenses, healthcare, and unforeseen costs, reducing the risk of financial strain.

Early Start, Compound Growth: Initiating retirement planning early allows for the benefits of compound growth. By investing consistently over time, your retirement funds have the potential to grow significantly, providing a larger nest egg.

Diversification of Investments: A retirement financial planner can assist in diversifying your investment portfolio. Diversification minimizes risk by spreading investments across various assets, reducing the impact of poor performance in any single investment.

Tax Efficiency: Strategic retirement planning helps optimize tax efficiency. Certain retirement plans offer tax advantages, allowing you to minimize tax liabilities and retain more of your savings.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a well-thought-out retirement plan in place provides peace of mind. It allows you to focus on enjoying your retirement years without the constant worry about financial stability.

Adjustability and Flexibility: Planning ahead allows for adjustments as circumstances change. Whether it’s unexpected expenses, health issues, or new investment opportunities, a well-structured retirement plan can adapt to different scenarios.

Inflation Hedge: Retirement planning takes into account the potential impact of inflation on your expenses. By making adjustments to your savings and investment strategies, you can protect your purchasing power in the face of rising costs.

Legacy Planning: Retirement planning can also include considerations for passing on wealth to heirs or contributing to charitable causes. This aspect ensures that your financial legacy continues beyond your lifetime.

Why Choose FINCART for Retirement Planning?

To make your golden days free of any financial worries, we continuously work to make your experience with Fincart, the BEST!

End-to-end execution help:

From discussions to execution, we are there to help you. To start planning your financial journey, we get into a detailed discussion. Your needs, your current income, investments, insurance, etc. are covered under this discovery call.

Presentation of Plan:

After steering the clear creation of your retirement investment plan, we will discuss and share the plan with you. A detailed explanation of your plan will be given to you, along with answers to any of your questions. This way, retirement plans will be simplified for you.

Legacy & estate planning:

Planning for your retirement is important, but so is planning for your legacy and estate. Life is uncertain, and thus you won’t want your assets or estates to go into the wrong hands.

Review and Maintenance:

We focus majorly on monitoring your portfolio. We, being your retirement investment advisors, also review your plan and provide insights on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We make necessary adjustments too, if needed!

what do you get in the customized retirement plan?

The retirement plan is exclusively tailor-made to your requirements and needs. The customized retirement plan is a roadmap that helps you achieve your golden days confidently and enables you to take all necessary precautions to ensure that your journey to your goal has the least pitfalls.

Retirement Planning Process - Steps by Step Guide

We have a simple retirement planning process for you to follow:

Retirement is bound to come; the question is, are you ready for it financially? We help our clients with customized retirement planning strategies to fit their individual needs in the long run.

Based on your future retirement needs, our financial professionals create a customized retirement plan for you. We will give you proper guidance and clarity in helping you understand your financial goal better. If you wish to have an early retirement plan we can help you through that too!

1. Presentation of Plan

We will share your retirement investment plan with you after we create it for you. Detailed explanations of your plan will be provided to you, along with answers to any questions you may have. You will be able to simplify your retirement plan this way.

2. Review and Maintenance

We focus majorly on monitoring your portfolio. We, being your retirement investment advisors also review your plan and provide insights on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We make necessary adjustments too if needed!

3. Plan Formulation

Based on your future retirement needs, our financial professionals create a customized retirement plan for you. We will give you proper guidance and clarity in helping you understand your financial goal better. If you wish to have an early retirement plan we can help you through that too!

Tips for Retirement Planning in India

1. Get started early:

You should begin saving and investing for retirement as soon as possible. By investing early, you can benefit from compounding returns over time, which can significantly grow your savings.

2. Clearly define your goals: 

Identify your retirement goals and objectives. Think about your desired retirement age, your lifestyle expectations, and your financial goals. It is easier to stay motivated and focused if you have specific goals.

3. Calculate retirement expenses:

Estimate your retirement expenses realistically. Factors such as housing, healthcare, daily living expenses, travel, and hobbies should be taken into consideration. Using this method, you can determine how much income you’ll need in retirement.

4. Diversify Your Investments:

Your savings can be protected from market volatility and grow over time if you diversify them.

5. Cost-effective healthcare plan:

As we age, healthcare expenses tend to increase. Estimate your retirement expenses by including potential healthcare costs, such as insurance premiums, deductibles, and long-term care.

6. Will writing/ Nomination:

The importance of legacy planning cannot be overstated. To ensure that your assets end up in the right hands, ensure that you have a proper will written.

Where to invest for retirement?

Explore a variety of retirement investment options tailored to your financial goals. Our expert financial advisors for retirement carefully craft retirement plans that prioritize the safety of your wealth while offering opportunities for growth. Whether you seek a steady post-retirement income or a guaranteed lifelong financial stream, our plans cater to your specific needs. Some plans also offer you the potential to grow your money in the long-run.

With our retirement financial planning, you get:

        Reliable regular income post-retirement.

         Assurance of a guaranteed lifelong income.

         Secure and stable investments, minimizing exposure to market volatility.

         Customizable plans to align with your unique requirements.

         Enjoy tax benefits on your investments.

Choose the path to a secure and prosperous retirement with our range of investment solutions.


Retirement planning is crucial to ensure financial security and a comfortable lifestyle during your post-work years.

  • Start early
  • Set clear goals
  • Calculate retirement needs
  • Create a budget
  • Monitor and make necessary adjustments
  • Get health insurance
  • Prepare a proper will

Ask yourself these questions first:

What amount of money would you need when you retire twenty to thirty years from now? How old would you retire based on your life expectancy? After retirement, will there be dependents? What are the financial responsibilities after retirement? What are the expected monthly expenses? What about Inflation & Emergencies?

The above-mentioned factors can be used to estimate a retirement corpus, which can then be discounted to find the savings required to achieve that corpus. Here is an example to help you understand –

You can calculate the savings needed to create such a corpus by working backward from the corpus needed. With an investment horizon of 30 years and an expected risk-free return of 8%, you would need to save Rs.27, 000 every month to accumulate Rs.4 crores.


Retirement is believed to be the ultimate goal for any person. However, there are many goals that get aligned in the middle, thus this is where proper financial planning is required. So that you achieve all your desired financial goals efficiently!


To reap the maximum benefits of compounding & creating a steady income in retirement, it is recommended to start retirement planning in your 30s or mid-30s.

 Even if you’re in your 40s or 60s, we still have retirement plans for you!