Digital Gold

Invest in the timeless value of gold without physical ownership.

With Fincart’s Digital Gold, you can diversify your portfolio and safeguard your wealth against market fluctuations.


Understanding Digital Gold

Digital gold is like buying gold online instead of in person. It represents the same amount of gold you would get offline but is stored securely in a protected place at the merchant’s end. Digital gold allows investments of any amount, even as low as Re. 1. Plus, it can be exchanged for physical gold which is 24K and comes with 99.99% purity. You can sell any part of it whenever you want at current market prices. Digital gold can be used as collateral for loans.


Why Digital Gold?

Conventionally, people have shown interest in purchasing gold, but with digital gold, the process becomes easier.

Real-time access to the market price to buy & sell gold

It comes with 24k gold with 99.99% purity.

No cost is required for storing the digital gold

Minimum investment starts from 100rs

Benefits of Investing in Digital Gold

How Does Digital Gold Work?

Digital Gold investment planning process


The digital revolution has transformed physical gold investments into digital gold investments. Conventionally, people have shown interest in purchasing gold, but with digital gold, the process becomes easier. Your investment can start at INR 100 on a monthly basis & you can be assured of its quality. The best part is that you get real-time access to the market price for both buying and selling of gold. Your digital gold investment is backed directly by MMTC-PAMP India Pvt Ltd, a government gold manufacturer. The gold as per your worth will be kept safely in a vault on your behalf.
A karat is a unit of measurement for the purity of gold. The purity of gold in 999 is considered to be 99.9%, and it is commonly referred to as 24K gold. 24 Karat gold is the purest gold available on the market
The minimum purchase amount is Rs.5 and the maximum purchase amount is 30 grams without any KYC.

In a single day, you can buy gold up to INR 2 lakhs. A single transaction or the cumulative value of transactions in a day should not exceed INR 2 lakhs.

Buying digital gold is great because it’s pure, safe, and easy to turn into cash when you need it. Plus, you don’t have to pay for a locker or worry about the gold getting damaged. But, unlike physical gold, it lacks the emotional touch that a physical gold investment provides to the investor.

Yes, buying digital gold is legal in India. There are no specific laws or regulations that prohibit the sale or purchase of digital gold.

Any resident Indian with a valid PAN Card/Form 60 and a Bank Account in their name can purchase digital gold.

In India, you have the option to purchase digital gold through various online platforms such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, and others. Additionally, many stockbrokers and trading platforms offer the opportunity to invest in digital gold through their websites, providing guidance on the investment process.

Buying digital gold offers several advantages. Firstly, digital gold provides the convenience of managing your gold investments online, accessible at any time. Secondly, it enables investors to purchase small fractions of gold, making it affordable for those with limited funds. Additionally, digital gold investments are securely stored by leading platforms, minimizing the risk of theft or loss commonly associated with physical gold.

The price of digital gold can vary depending on several factors such as the current market price of gold and the amount of gold being purchased. It’s important to check the real-time market price of gold before making a purchase. You can find the price of digital gold listed on our platform.