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Best Short-Term Investment Options That Provide High Returns?

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There is a common saying that, “Money doesn’t buy happiness”. Well, I beg to differ on this. Money does buy you happiness, if not you then your family your kids. Money lets your daughter get the right education she needs to make her way into the world. It helps you to purchase a car and enjoy trips with your family. It gives you a house to create a family & memories with!

See, you can say that money isn’t everything, but it surely is something that every individual desires to have more & more. There is one source of income that you earn from working & another income is you let your money work for you, with investment options!

Now investments could be of two types: short-term (1-5 years) or long-term (more than 5 years). Well in this blog, we’ll be talking about the short-term investment plans in India that provide high returns.

What are short-term investments? 

Have you ever thought that 2-3 years from now you’ll probably take a foreign family vacation gift yourself a car or even save home down payment money? What are these plans?

These are short-term financial goals and investments made for these purposes are the best short-term investments. These investments are made for the needs that are expected to happen shortly. Short-term investments provide optimum returns but obviously, not more than long-term investments.

Investors who are not keen on waiting for years to get their money multiplied many times, find solace with short-term investments. As investments, more than 5 years come into long-term investments. This states that you won’t be requiring those funds until the need arises.

Best short-term investment plans

The following best short-term investment plans available are:

Debt Mutual Funds

Money that is invested in debt instruments such as government bonds, treasury bills, corporate bonds, or even commercial papers is called debt mutual funds. The specialty of debt mutual funds is that there are different types of debt funds to suit investors with differing risk-return profiles, investment horizons, and financial goals.

For people who are risk-averse and looking for better short-term returns, this is the perfect option for them. The general return under debt mutual funds can vary from 7%-11% per annum.

Under 3 categories, the tenure of the debt mutual funds has been categorized:

  • Liquid fund-  The investment made into the money market and debt securities with maturity of investment securities up to 91 days comes under this category.
  • Ultra-short-duration fund- The money invested in debt and money market instruments for the term of 3 months -6 months is the ultra-short duration fund.
  • Low duration fund- The money invested in debt and money market instruments for the tenure of 6 months -12 months comes under this category.


Liquiloans is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) lending platform that is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). They fulfill short-term financial requirements and the returns provided by them are fixed. When you invest through liquiloans, you get the opportunity to earn 2x of fixed returns.

Since its inception, Liquiloans has received 100% success in the meeting indicated yields!

  • Borrowers- 340,000+
  • Gross NPA (%)- 0.66%
  • Total Disbursements- Rs. 1182+ crores

Advantages of Investing in Liquiloans 

  • Fixed returns with low risks
  • No fees are required for account opening
  • Add & withdraw money effortlessly
  • Earn monthly interest
  • Invest lump sum or via SIPs

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