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why invest?

Investment helps beat inflation, achieve your life’s important goals, and create wealth. Good investments help you grow your money ensuring capital safety.

beat inflation

Inflation erodes the value of money, which is not in our control. Generate higher post-tax returns to stay ahead of inflation.

achieve financial goals

Proper investment is a reliable path to achieving your goals; your route to prosperity.

Portfolio Asset Allocation

Invest in various assets in line with your risk profile ensures that you create wealth without giving you sleepless nights.

why invest with us?

A team of 30+ tech-enabled experts who can tell you where & exactly how much you must invest.

Goal based investment approach

Leverage the synergy of tech & human expertise

Choose from a wide range of investment options

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how can you invest with us?

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What are the investment products?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your portfolio and invest in the asset class that is right for you & is aligned with your financial & life goals.


You may have questions & doubts. You may want to watch the video that clarifies the most common fears!


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Investment planning helps you pick the best-suited investment to your goals and risk profile. It enables you to achieve your goals and beat inflation. Further, the selected time horizon of investment will most likely ensure the safety of capital.

With a comprehensive investment plan, you can achieve your financial goals confidently or simply create wealth. A process for optimizing your investment returns based on your risk appetite and investment horizon. Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Risk-based asset allocation
  • A wide range of investment options across different asset classes
  • Integration of suitable existing investments

As a result, we create your customized portfolio based on the above factors. – Monitored by a dedicated relationship manager, the portfolio delivers the defined return.

We have back-tested each category of products. Based on the client’s need analysis and investment time horizon, the development will likely not destroy capital.
The product recommendation is best suited to the client’s requirements. We never suggest Equity Funds for short-term goals. Equity Funds haven’t delivered negative returns for the investment time horizon of 10 years, even if you enter at the peak and exit out at the bottom.
You can start with a minimum investment of INR 1000/- only. However, we recommend that you save a minimum of 25% of your monthly income to fund your future goals and aspirations.
We have a wide range of SEBI / IRDA / RBI approved products such as Mutual Funds, Insurance, PMS, AIFs, Digital Gold, Real-Estate etc.
At Fincart it starts with you. We spend time to understand your needs, your risk profile and your finances. The recommendations are based on client suitability.
We have an integrated platform where you can track all your multiple investments (such as Mutual Funds, PMS, Insurance, AIFs, etc.) in one dashboard or mobile application.

Your hard-earned money is completely aligned with your goals. We ensure you will get a sufficient amount of money and desired returns. Being disciplined ensures that you get the expected returns. Most often, our own behavioural biases destroy returns or capital.

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