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Why You Need a Financial Advisor – Now More Than Ever!

Anurag Batra, a retail shopkeeper of clothes was busy all his life stocking goods and then selling them. The business brought good profit to enjoy daily amenities and luxuries. Elders in the family kept telling him to save for the future, but he was confident that his sales would never go down so he never invested.

The Covid-19 situation was an eyeopener for all of us including Anurag. The financial burden during lockdown raised a number of questions. Availability of various schemes increased the confusion. Will it be prudent to invest now? Will markets survive this fall? What should be the portfolio in a financial recession? With zero knowledge of savings or investments, approaching a Financial Advisor is the best decision.

Experience In Financial Planning

Most of us are like Anurag, who think we are experts in financial planning. But right investments to gain wealth require expertise. We may get confused, greedy, or even pessimist during the market’s ups and downs resulting in wrong decisions. Experienced Financial Advisors can help us understand trends, and stop us from investment decisions that we may regret in the future. They provide better investment choices to help us achieve our financial goals.

Assistance In Future Planning

We have a tendency to always look for solutions when the problem arises. Unpredictable financial setbacks can be avoided if we plan in advance. Major life changes like college, marriage, purchase of a house or car, or even retirement need proper planning. A Financial Advisor helps you in planning ahead and makes you realize the importance of savings and investment. Alerts Regarding Avoidable Investments Falling prey to random investment planning usually leads to bad decisions. It’s never too late to realize that we know very little of the market and financial opportunities that will benefit us. A Financial Advisor can stop you from avertable investments and save you from losing your hard-earned money. Guides To Achieve Short Term and Long Term Goals

A Financial Advisor helps you map out your investments in short-term and long-term goals. With a pre-defined timeframe and milestones, you are able to achieve your financial goals more easily. They help you align your tenor with important changes in your life like college, marriage, family planning, etc. A Financial Advisor can ensure that your long-term investments reap good results. This in turn will make you immune to financial crunches like right now. According to Finance experts like Fincart, Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for most of us to manage our finances well and avoid a financial setback. Experienced Financial Advisors are the need of the hour now more than ever who can help us prepare for future emergencies.